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Radio Orient

Présentation de Radio Orient

Radio Orient (et en arabe : Izzat al Charq) est une station de radio française émettant depuis Clichy, depuis 1982. Nous proposons des émissions culturelles, sur la santé, l’éducation, le couple… le meilleur de la musique arabe actuelle, l’actualité nationale et internationale (en français et en arabe), la politique, la religion, etc …

Radio Orient : Infos & Contacts

Site Web Officiel: Site web de Radio Orient
Page facebook Officielle: Page officielle
Téléphone (Standard): 0892233400
Adresse: 98 Boulevard Victor Hugo 92 110 Clichy

Radio Orient (in Arabic إذاعة الشرق pronounced as Iza’at al Sharq) is an Arab international radio station based in Paris, France with retransmissions in various cities in France, Europe and the Arab World. It was established in 1982 and broadcasts mainly in Arabic language with some various programming and news in French language as well. The French station is considered part of Les Indés Radios, a groupement d’intérêt économique (Economic Interest Grouping) created in 1992, and currently composed of 125 local radio stations in France.

The general news and entertainment station was founded by Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and is considered as part of his Future Movement media group. It is mainly interested in the Arab World and Middle Eastern issues in addition to catering to Arab diaspora and Muslim communities in France and Europe. It operates on basis of a moderate and tolerant Arab standpoint respectful of the laic traditions of France.

The station also runs a parallel radio station also called Radio Orient in Lebanon, mostly with independent programming from the French station, although some news are rebroadcast from the Paris feed. The Lebanese studios are situated in the Lebanese capital Beirut.